January 17, 2020

Feeling super behind already? [Besties Chat]

Are you feeling behind? I feel you homeslice.
It’s our first besties chat of the year. This is where we have a casual chat about what's going on behind the scenes of my business.


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I'm hiring:

Interested in joining team Doster?

I'm looking to add another VA to my team. My main integrator will be going out on leave for 2-3 week and we've needed to hire another time mate for a long time, because balancing all the long term, short term and day to day things as become too much for us. (And I personally feel my listies, have gotten the short end of the stick).

So while I don't have a specific title "per se" here are the types of things that this a new person would doing and more importantly the general attitude my new teammate would need to have. If you know anyone (including yourself) please email me kate@katedoster.com - Subject line - Golden Ostrich.

The kind of person I'm looking for:

  • Has a good sense of humor
  • Takes Initiative
  • When asking for clarification or if they aren't not quite sure how to handle a task/problem they bring us two solutions for what they think they should do,
  • Alittle woo-woo
  • Has a quick turn around times during the week
  • Doesn't miss deadlines
  • Is comfortable with tech
  • Is comfortable with difficult conversations (ie dealing with failed payments)
  • Loves supporting people
  • Up for anything
  • Detail oriented
  • Doesn't want to teach others how to be a VA or sell courses on starting your own business, because she's/ he's happier behind the scenes.
  • Is available to meet for team meetings around 1pm EST on Mondays (give or take a couple of hours)
  • Excited to help a million people this year
  • Doesn't need alot of hand holding / can figure stuff out on their own
The kind of tasks we need help with (keep in mind they wouldn't be doing everything but with my main support person out on leave I would need them to step up for a couple of weeks doing various things)
  • Proofreading (Obviously) (I'm creating alot of new content but I need ALOT of old stuff proofed too)
  • Dealing with missed payments
  • Copying sales pages from my site to Podia
  • Scheduling items in Tailwind
  • Creating Pins
  • Posting in Tailwind Tribes
  • Random things in Wordpress (mainly proofing / directly editing my stuff on my website)
  • Posting to social media
  • Creating graphics
  • Being a huge cheerleader in here
  • Managing my inbox
  • Transcribing things for me
  • Reaching out to podcasts / filling in speaker information request forms for me.
So basically a more general admin VA for now, who knows Pinterest and LOVES helping people.

I'm guessing it will be between 5-10 hours per week. Closer to 10 hours at the beginning.

Having a MAC + knowing alittle about Podia would be a huge plus, however being comfortable with Google Docs, Google Drive, Drop Box, Zoom, Trello & Wordpress are a must

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