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Wednesday Apr 27, 2022

Let's talk about What To Send Your Email List In May 2022. As always you can send these emails to your list in any order you'd like. You're more than welcome to tag on a sales pitch or link to your social media accounts or a piece of content on your Youtube Channel, Blog or podcast. 
Links mentioned:2 Years Worth Of Planned Out Email Ideas -
My Instagram Account - @kate_doster
The Email Marketing Fairy Template Set - 60+ Email Templates 

Wednesday Apr 13, 2022

Are you an artist or maker who wants to expand your business and make more money?
If you're an artist or maker who sells on Etsy or other platforms, you might be wondering how you can expand your business and make more money. Courses and passive income streams are a great way to do just that.
In this episode of Inbox Besties, Elisabeth Young & Cami Monet share their best tips for making money as an Artist including:
How to create passive income streams from your artisan business
How they turned their passion into profits
Why teaching helps you hone your craft
The hidden benefits of creating "how-to" courses
The mindset that sees them through their obstacles
And more!
So if you're ready to start making more money from your art or craft, be sure to listen to this episode of Inbox Besties now.
Elisabeth and Cami met in a stationery Facebook group in the fall of 2016. They bonded over the fact they had both gone full-time on the same day just a few weeks earlier, Sept. 16th! After building their friendship long-distance via text, DM, and facetime, they decided to meet in person in Savannah to celebrate their 1st business anniversaries in 2017. During this trip, they hosted their first "Biz Birthday Bash" in the form of a free webinar. More than 500 people signed up to attend! That weekend Biz Birthday Bash was born (yes, the name stuck) and since then Cami & Elisabeth have offered creative paper people resources that help make biz strategy a piece of cake. They are the creators & hosts of The Stationer's Summit and the A-Z Directory Membership.
4 Essentials You Need to Turn Your Biz Into a Profit Party (free training)
The Biz Birthday Bash Podcast:
Instagram: @bizbirthdaybash

Wednesday Mar 23, 2022

Let's talk about what to send your list in April because you're no fool. You plan ahead. Get it?
[Free live workshop] Do you lock your spot for my free live workshop: How to write emails so good they lick the screen yet?
Choose what time works best for you - Monday March 28 at 2pm EST or Tuesday March 29th 9pm EST >>>'s hang out:Instagram: @kate_doster

Wednesday Mar 16, 2022

Today we're talking about QUICKEST way to grow your email list that no one is talking about (and it's not free bundles.) 
GoViral —— Free one - rewards people for sharing about your freebie on social media (it shares your landing page URL). 
Upviral - Paid one but you can do more stuff & people only get rewards if people actually sign up for your freebie through their links.
 They do offer a 2 week trial for just a $1 - this could be great if you’re running live webinar or live challenge. You can offer rewards for say 10-12 days up before your live launch trigger then cancel your account. 
Or you could run a special 10 day only promotion for people to share about your normal signature freebie - then cancel. Great for causing urgency. 
>>>> Click here when you’re ready to start your 2 week trial. 
Let’s connect:Instagram: @kate_doster
Sometimes on the show I do share affiliate links. Note if you choose to purchase after click on one of my link, I may receive a commission. 

Thursday Mar 10, 2022

This week’s episode is brought to you by the Back To Business Free Bundle going on March 7-11, 2022. Get access to over 30 full length courses, tool kits & templates to make running your business in 2022 a heck of alot easier (and more profitable.) 
Today I am interviewing Naima of all about creating content that is actually going to be pushing your business forward. Because the truth is well it can be fun to create content not all pieces of contents are created equal and not all of them are really gonna push your business forward and we both know that you have no time to waste.
So we're going go over:
How often you should be posting your content and where
The biggest mistakes people make when creating content
Why are you might've created the most valuable post in the world but people are still ignoring it (hint it might have something to do with potatoes) and so much more
Get know Naima better:
Free course: Get the free Product Decision Calculator & bonus mini course from Naima (available anytime not just in The Back to Business Bundle)
Join Naima’s Free Facebook Group - The Thriving Multipassionates
Follow on Instagram:
Naima’s website: is a Digital Strategy Consultant specializing in transforming vague ideas into solid digital assets.
Her 6000+ students will agree that my super power is not information or teaching. It’s helping you execute.
That’s why her courses and workshops are actionable and get you results in bite-sized action steps.
Execution is what it takes to create profitable projects in the margins of life (and in the ever shifting nuances of digital marketing).

Thursday Mar 10, 2022

Thank you for letting us know about the editing issues with this episode.  3rd time is the charm.  (This interview originally aired March 2nd)______Links Mentioned: 
The Back To Business Bundle March 7 - 11, 2022How to Scale with A Group Program Free Masterclass by Jordan of Easy Scaling.  
Get the book: Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business here. 
Or get the audio version of Traction free when you sign up for a new membership with Audible
Get to know Jordan & Easy Scaling More:Website:
Free Masterclass: Schanda King is a serial entrepreneur and expert at business optimization. Since starting her first business in 2013, she has published a book, founded and co-founded multiple businesses, developed and led group programs in three industries, filed copyrights on multiple products, and successfully sold a business. Now Jordan runs a Contract COO agency, Easy Scaling, specializing in full business management for women who are scaling their service-based businesses. With an all-female team of VAs, OBMs, Copywriters, Marketers, Social Media Managers, and Tech Gurus, they help female founders scale without burning out so that they can build a sustainable business that they love. She’s had to learn the hard way how to run a business that she actually enjoys and is excited to share her expertise with other women on this entrepreneurial journey!

Wednesday Feb 23, 2022

This month we're bring back the wheel picker because in honor the Back To Business Free Bundle going on March 7 - March 11, 2022...I'm randoming picking email ideas from the 30 free newsletter templates I'm giving away as part of the Back To Business Free Bundle - click here to get on the waitlist to get early access to all the goodies. Links mentioned:Get a free month of the $29 plan from Convertkit. I'm so happy we are switching over to them. You have no idea. 
Free Class - The Cookie Webinar: How to write emails so good they lick the screen.  Click to watch now for free. The random wheel number picker (be warned it likes to pick similar numbers. 
Take the guest work out of hosting your own free bundles with all the templates and resources inside of the Collaboration Cashin the price is going up in March. 
Have you left Inbox Besties any stars yet? If you got value out of this episode I'd sure appreciate it. Are we Instagram buddies yet?@kate_doster

Thursday Feb 10, 2022

In this week's episode we're chatting all about lead magnets. 
How to know if your current lead magnets sucks
How many lead magnets you should have
When is the best time to create a new lead magnet
What to do if your lead magnet isn't converting in blog posts 
If you should retire a lead magnet
The best kinds of lead magnets to create 
And more. 
Free Course:
Can think of what to even create a lead magnet about? Sign up for the Freebies That Serve & Sell FREE mini video course now. 
Free Masterclass:Start writing emails so good people lick the screen - grab your free spot now. ___________________________________________________________________
Let's hangout on Instagram - @kate_doster

Friday Feb 04, 2022

Felt like you got NOTHING done in January and you're super overwhelmed?
I feel you homeslice. January flew back and I felt like I got nothing done was just putting out fires and missing deadlines left and right. Here's what I did to get out of my funk. How did your January feel? Let me know on Instagram - @kate_doster

Wednesday Jan 26, 2022

Free Advanced Training:
If you want to write email so good they lick the screen be sure to get your free limited time access to my wildly popular training - How to write emails so good they lick the screen.  - planner:Need even more ideas for what to send your list?Grab my 2 years worth of free email ideas at's connect:Want to be Instagram buddies? Follow me at @kate_doster now. Hey you've read this far, why not leave a rating & ranking on itunes or spotify. 



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